Tire & Suspension

Is Your Steering Wheel Feel Off Center?

Is your steering wheel off center? Are your tires wearing uneven? Is your vehicle pulling left or right? Or better yet, have recently purchased new tires? All are great reasons to have an alignment done!

No, they are not the same thing. Though they should both be considered for regular maintenance.

If you’re having issues, alignment is recommended.

Also alignment is always encouraged after the installation of new tires. That’s because fresh alignment can help you get the most from your new tires.

Riding Rough? Drifting While Turning?

These are two of the most classic signs that you need to have your suspension looked at ASAP.  As you begin to feel every bump in the road, consider giving us a call at (702) 229-6339.

Try the “Bounce Test” With the car in “park,” press down on the front of your car with your body weight a couple of times, then release. Repeat this on the rear of the vehicle. If the car keeps to rocking or bouncing after you release it, your suspension is wearing out.

Typically this signifies that there is a fluid leak and your suspension needs work.

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