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Do Your Brakes Squeal When You Stop?

Brake components are another necessary part of your vehicle that need to be regularly maintained. Failure to do so could result in larger repairs down the road. If you notice any noises or grinding from your brakes, bring your car in to Exclusive Automotive for a brake inspection as soon as possible.

Your brake pads are a key component in your system that are designed to wear out.  If you go too long without replacing your pads, you may have to replace the drums and/or rotors.

By simply replacing your brake pads in a timely manner you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs. 

You will start to hear a squeaking noise when you press on the brakes, this is a sign that your brake pads must be replaced.

Generally it is best to replace brake pads after about 50,000 miles of regular driving. Some may need to be replaced much sooner (at 25,000) while other may last over 50,000 miles.

Complete Safety Analysis

Do you want to drive your car confidently knowing their are no major red flags? Consider stopping by and having us give your vehicle a complete safety check. 

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We follow manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedules. And will work to help you understand what is best for your vehicle.

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